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Thursday, April 21, 2022Market

Claims: transparency to counter mistrust

Allégations : la transparence pour contrer la défiance

Claims are key in the act of buying. But beware of deception! Consumers are wary and are looking for deception. The Benchmark Company, a foresight agency, published a survey to highlight the importance of truthful claims among beauty aficionados.

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The trend firm conducted an online study in February 2022. 3447 American women were surveyed.

Faced with the cosmetic offer, it is not always easy to make the right choice. According to The Benchmark Company, 97% of respondents are sensitive to consumer tests conducted by brands (and whose results are shared).
They explain that these tests:
• Give a reasonable idea of the benefits (98%)
• Give them confidence to acquire the product (96%)
• Demonstrate a willingness to provide care that works (96%)
Moreover, 92% of them believe they are more likely to purchase a cosmetic if they have access to this information.

In stores, they are sensitive to the information on the packaging. 81% of them say that the information on the packaging makes it easier to decide to buy a cosmetic.
Indeed, to find the rare pearl, the panelists are ready to invest themselves. Sixty-nine percent of them spend more than an hour researching when a product is worth more than 100 euros.

Always more guarantees
To have complete confidence in what a brand claims, respondents explain that they prefer the results to come from a certifying body.
They also want to know the number of participants …

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