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Wednesday, February 15, 2023Market

Clean beauty : yes, but what else ?

Clean beauty : certes, mais encore ?

Many cosmetic products claim to be clean. But what does this mean for consumers? The Benchmarking Company surveyed a panel of American women to better understand their understanding of clean beauty. The survey was conducted in December 2022, with a sample of 2900 people.

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For starters, 52% of respondents said they buy clean skin care products regularly.
And although 87% of them believe that these products work just as well as conventional ones, 67% think that choosing clean is better for their health.
Only 58% of them do additional research on the profile of the ingredients used by the brands.

Expectations and understanding

When they buy a clean cosmetic, they expect brands to:
• List product benefits on the packaging (85%)
• Test the purity of ingredients (73%)
• Indicate if the product contains synthetic ingredients (69%)

They associate the term clean with safety (60%), natural (57%), purity and non-toxicity (51%).
When asked to provide a more precise definition, the majority of respondents explain that a clean cosmetic is free of phthalates, parabens and any ingredient that is criticized or can cause endocrine disruption.

They turn to this category of products because they believe they are safer for them, for their environment and for the planet.
However, the clean potential of the product is not the only important criterion for consumers, they are also looking for efficiency, an attractive price and a cruelty-free certification.

Purchasing preferences

American women want their face care products (92%), …

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