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Corporate transformation: what employees want

Transformation des entreprises : les souhaits des salariés

In a society undergoing economic and environmental crises, everyone, including companies, hhas a role to play in trying to restore balance. The IFOP survey for Opinion and Zurich Insurance Group set out to understand employees’ expectations of their employers in terms of economic and environmental transformation.

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The survey involved a sample of 1,002 French employees. Interviews were conducted online between November 23 and December 1, 2023.

For workers, well-being in the workplace is important (65%).
But in today’s inflationary climate, ensuring the long-term profitability of companies, and consequently their purchasing power, is also central.
When asked how they would like the country to evolve in the coming years, 57% of respondents would like France to give priority to purchasing power and the sharing of value. Another 47% would like to see an emphasis on resource conservation.

“The transformation of companies continues to be deemed necessary by 39% of French employees. However, they also seem to be more distrustful of the rhetoric (30%). Despite this growing skepticism, this notion evokes mostly positive terms (for 65% of those polled),” analyzes IFOP.

Supporting industrial change

Employees are willing to make efforts to improve the structures in which they work. They are ready to:
• Accept a policy of energy sobriety within the company (lower heating, lighting, paper consumption, at 84%)
• Participate in focus groups on actions that could be requested of employees (74%)
• Car-pooling and taking public transport to work (70%)
• Adapting to an obligation to …

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