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Tuesday, February 23, 2021Market

Cosmetic trends: what's happening in Asia?

Asia Cosme-Lab

As a pioneering continent in the field of cosmetic products, Asia is often a few steps ahead of cosmetic trends. Florence Bernardin, founder of the Asia Cosme-Lab agency, gave an update on what is stirring the beauty planet in Asia at the moment, on the occasion of the Matinée de la Beauté, organized by the CEW France on December 11, 2021.

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“It’s interesting to look at what’s happening in Asia, in China for example, because it’s the first market that was affected by the coronavirus and it’s also the first to have bounced back. It gives us a lot of inspiration in terms of trends and consumer relations.”

Beauty at home
With containment or travel restrictions, citizens are rediscovering the idea of taking care of themselves at home.
The expert took the example of the Korean brand Amore Pacific, which has released new hygiene products. “These launches are designed to premiumize the bathing experience, reproduce the spa experience at home and take a sensory approach.”

The restraining order has largely democratized teleworking. As a result, make-up routines are lightened.
“It’s all about having a fresh look on the screen, without wearing foundation. This trend has therefore seen the birth of many ‘primers’ that make it possible to obtain a flawless complexion. Women are discovering other approaches to looking beautiful.”

The challenge of the mask
Asian brands have been very inspired in this regard. They imagined masks to be worn… under the surgical mask in order to protect the skin and to bring care and relief to it.

They have also reviewed …

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