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Wednesday, October 4, 2023Market

Cosmetics: French women's consumption habits

Cosmétiques : les habitudes conso des Françaises

Supermarkets, parapharmacies, the Internet, selective circuits… there are many cosmetics distribution channels, but which ones appeal most to French women? Blissim, a key player in the “beauty” box market, commissioned the OpinionWay polling institute to find out more about consumers’ buying habits.

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A sample of 1,002 French women aged between 25 and 45 was selected. Interviews were conducted between July 25 and August 1, 2023.

Generally speaking, respondents buy their products in supermarkets (40%). They also visit specialist stores (15%) and parapharmacies (11%).
A significant proportion of purchases are made over the Internet (54%).

In terms of budget, 63% of French women spend between 11 and 50 euros a month on skincare (all categories taken together). 27% have a budget of 10 euros, and only 10% spend more than 50 euros. “Despite inflation, most French women feel that their budget has remained the same (43%)… but for 28% of them, it has decreased.”

Even if French women have retained some purchasing power, they are no less cautious. 86% of them pay attention to prices and are on the lookout for special offers.
They prefer larger formats (61%) and look for cheaper alternatives to the products (56%) they usually consume. Another 56% have reduced their purchases. Make-up (66%) and perfume (58%) are the first product categories to suffer from this reduction in purchases.

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