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Cosmetics: the new inclusive anti-depressive?

La cosmétique : le nouvel anti-dépresseur inclusif ?

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the perception of beauty products by the general public has evolved. They are no longer considered only as everyday items. They are now considered as a vector of well-being. On the occasion of a webinar organized by Mintel on May 24, 2022, Andrew McDougall, Director of Mintel’s Beauty & Personal Care division, talked about the notion of comfort in cosmetics.

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“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack,” the Mintel expert began his presentation with this quote from Coco Chanel. This introduction sets the tone: cosmetics are an everyday ally.

A happiness factor

According to the figures presented by Andrew McDougall:
68% of French people (and 65% of Spaniards) explain that cosmetic care is a precious help to feel better,
46% of Italians are happy to try new ranges.

“And it is proven that cosmetics make you happy,” comments Andrew McDougall. “93% of Spanish look for products that give them real pleasure when they use them. Similarly, 77% of Italians say that buying new products helps to improve their mood.”

In these troubled times, many people have turned to care protocols to gain serenity. 78% of French people think that a visit to a beautician is pleasant.
It is about adopting a lifestyle where stress has no place. “When consumers do this, they generally use products they already know. In fact, 66% of French people would like their favorite brands to bring back some of the past editions that bring back good memories.”

The joy of sharing

Beauty is an industry that brings people together. The general public likes to …

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