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Cosmotrends 2022: what's new at the show?

Cosmotrends 2022 : quoi de neuf sur le salon ?

The Cosmotrends report has become a tradition. At each Cosmoprof event in Bologna, the BeautyStreams forecasting agency goes around all the participants in order to find the most innovative products and thus sniff out the upcoming trends. The 2022 edition is no exception to the rule. After analyzing hundreds of cosmetics from all over the world, here is what caught the firm’s attention.

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To realize this report, Cosmoprof invited its exhibitors to submit a file with their latest releases. BeautyStreams was then asked to sift through all these proposals. After a careful skimming, the agency retained 10 products divided into four distinct trends.

Lash it up!

Lashes are getting bolder than ever. BeautyStreams highlighted concepts that create a doe-eyed look.

Ovaco Egg Neural Cell Eyelash Serum - Sonimedi
Thought to lengthen and thicken lashes, this eyelash serum contains neural stem cell peptides, caffeine, panthenol and acetylhexapeptide-8. This formula helps to achieve a strong and healthy lash line.

Vegan Lash Lift Kit - Kalentin Claster Sas di Curnis Lucian
This kit allows you to achieve a lash lift. It is vegan and certified by The Vegan Society and PETA. Thus, even the keratin included in the formula is of plant origin.

Lumisenses LED Eyelash Extension System - Glamlac OÜ
This product stands out because of the glue that is used. It is odorless and only one drop is needed for the entire eyelash extension process.

Derma Nerd

These next-generation products incorporate intelligent delivery systems that enhance the power of active ingredients, protect their potency and stability, and improve the performance of skin …

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