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Cosmotrends 2023: the "it" products according to Beautystreams

Cosmotrends 2023 : les "it" produits selon Beautystreams

As tradition dictates, at each new edition of the Cosmoprof show, the Beautystreams forecasting agency offers exhibitors the opportunity to send the technical data sheet of their new products. After a careful examination of the (thousands of) applications, the agency selects the most innovative cosmetics, classifies them by trends and writes a report that outlines the future contours of beauty.

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“Beauty is constantly evolving and product innovation is essential to keep up with changing consumer desires,” Beautystreams explains. “The following report summarizes what’s new and provides a perspective on where beauty is headed.”

Clinical Kudos

Since the pandemic, consumers are especially hungry for information they can trust, especially in a world of “fake news” and online misinformation. Serious scientific references allow them to trust a new product or service.

Ovaco Egg Neural Cell (Growth & Thickening) Enhancing Shampoo - Sonimedi
This shampoo features a combination of three cell growth factors that repair damaged hair, aid in hair growth and provide nutrition to the scalp roots.

Oxygen Revolution Gel Extra Lenitivo Acne - Munus International
This treatment treats acne with the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and cell regenerating properties of oxygen ozone that amplifies the soothing, healing and antiseptic effects of salicylic acid. The research conducted by the Department of Clinical Microbiology at the University of Perugia will soon be published in scientific journals.


Brands are interested in menopause and the hormonal disruptions it induces. More and more products, designed to bring comfort and well-being during this period, are emerging.

Bliss Oil - FG Cosmetics
The oil can be applied …

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