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Tuesday, November 21, 2023Market

CosmoTrends Asia: the Beautystreams hotlist

CosmoTrends Asia : la "hotlist" de Beautystreams

After scrutinizing the latest innovations from exhibitors at Cosmoprof Bologna and Cosmoprof North America, Beautystreams set down in Hong Kong for the Asian edition of the show. As usual, the forecasting firm produced a report highlighting the latest trends spotted on site.

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Beautystreams has identified a number of major trends that will be reflected in some of the cosmetics products (or concepts) presented at Cosmoprof Hong Kong 2023.

Full cell ahead

“Epidermal growth factors (EGFs) are polypeptides developed to accelerate wound healing and stimulate skin growth. Derived from human, animal or plant cells, EGFs are touted in formulations as a miracle cure to help skin regenerate to combat the effects of aging, after cosmetic treatments or to recover from sun damage,” explains the foresight firm.

Skin Derma G Essence - Cieskin

Derma G Essence uses G9 growth factors in its formula, which the company claims combine with peptides to offer “skin regeneration.” Again according to the manufacturer, the formula is active for around 72 hours, facilitating cell division and the elimination of dead cells.

klardie Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule - Hans Pharma

The star ingredient in this Cellup ampoule is USF 71TM, developed by the brand. It contains “various growth factors capable of providing a significant nutritional boost to hair, making it stronger.”

All clear!

“Having clear, flawless skin is a wish that crosses generations. Whether it’s hyperpigmentation and dark spots, redness, acne or enlarged pores, consumers’ Holy Grail is perfectly …

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