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Cosmovision: what trends for 2028?

Cosmovision : quelles tendances à l'horizon 2028 ?`

Since it’s never too early to prepare for the trends that are likely to impact consumer behavior, the foresight agency Beautystreams has shared its vision of beauty trends by 2028. The firm unveiled its report on the occasion of the 2023 edition of Cosmoprof Bologna.

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The background of Cosmovision 2023/2028 is diversity. Beautystreams has declined its theme “celebrating otherness” in five movements.

Not about age
No more age diktat! “Just as people are looking for inclusive approaches to hair texture and skin color, consumers around the world are increasingly looking for age-conscious communication,” says Beautystreams.
By 2030, one in six people (globally) will be over 60. It may therefore be interesting for cosmetic brands to propose offers that fit everyone and to develop products that target the specific needs of the skin according to age.

Just for me
Inclusiveness means personalization. Consumers claim their uniqueness and therefore want cosmetics that are specifically designed for them.
According to the trend firm, companies that offer this type of service are growing rapidly. Today, 71% of the general public wants to have personalized products at their disposal.

Open type
“Even though non-binary people, representing 2% of the world’s population, are still a minority, it has become common for many beauty brands to include all genders in their communication and product offerings,” says Beautystreams. “Be careful not to fall into opportunistic over-representation. It is also necessary to keep in mind that products must be effective and respond to users’ …

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