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Tuesday, September 27, 2022Market

Eco-consumer, who are you?

Éco-consommateur, qui es-tu ?

For the past four years, the Kantar WorldPanel agency has been monitoring a group of citizens classified as Eco-Active. They are sensitive to environmental issues and pay attention to what they buy. The agency has just published its new report which deciphers the buying habits of these people.

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To conduct the survey, Kantar WorldPanel studied the behavior of 99,000 respondents from 24 countries.

Sustainability in a time of crisis

“It is clear that economic difficulties make it more difficult to adopt responsible behavior. Indeed, 45% of respondents find it harder to act sustainably these days because of social or financial constraints,” says Kantar WorldPanel. “When budget is an issue, discounts, volume over price and cheaper alternatives become priorities and take precedence over a product’s responsibility features or packaging.”

An engaged target

According to Kantar WorldPanel, the Eco-Active are full of good intentions. “62% of respondents are trying to go green with their packaging and 38% want to do more. There are many opportunities for brands to meet these expectations and thus build loyalty among this clientele.”

Consumption habits

In addition to choosing their food carefully (44%), Eco-consos are also vigilant in terms of cosmetics. More than a third of the sample purchase “clean” skin care products. This statement is particularly true for French and Chinese panelists.
If the respondents prefer natural versions, it is because they think they see a real benefit on their health and limit their environmental impact.

“To encourage people to turn to sustainable options, …

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