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Generation Z and cosmetics

La génération Z et la cosmétique

What is the relationship between consumers aged 18 to 24 and cosmetics? The Yougov polling institute answered this question by interviewing 9767 French people. The firm published its results in a report available on the Internet.

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The data that helped put this survey together was collected online on April 3, 2022.
Yougov sought to better understand the use of beauty products by these young consumers.

They declare:
• Wanting to feel physically attractive (59%)
• Liking to stand out (52%)
• Following current fashion trends (36%)
• Not being able to resist elaborate packaging (31%)
• Wearing makeup occasionally (16%)

Among the products they use the most are:
• Masks
• Scrubs
• Lip care

As far as makeup is concerned, they particularly favor:
• Mascara
• Lipstick
• Nail polish

Buying behavior
Unlike Millenials, young Zs are environmentally conscious.
For example, panelists explain that a product’s sustainability (23%) is one of the deciding factors for purchase. But it also requires that the brand shares the same values as them (16%) and that it is vegan (16%).

To do their shopping, the Zs go to:
• Perfume store (39%)
• Specialized store (36%)
• Internet (20%)

How to reach them?
Having a good communication strategy is key to getting the attention of 18-24 year olds.
According to Youvog, most of these individuals get their information from the Internet (68%). Moreover, 31% of them consider that television …

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