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How do Americans take care of themselves?

Comment les Américains prennent-ils soin d'eux ?

What are the consumer habits of Americans? What are their bathroom rituals? How do they relate to the notion of sustainability in cosmetics? To answer these questions, Attest, an online survey platform, conducted a study of a panel of Americans and has just published its findings in a report.

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Attest collected data from 2,000 Americans, during the year 2021.
Americans spend between $26 and $50 per month on their beauty products (27%).

According to Attest, 12% of U.S. citizens fall into the category of HIBAGs (Highly Invested in Beauty And Grooming). These people allocate a budget of $100 per month to their cosmetics. They are mainly Millenials.
Attest has made a special focus on men. 39% of Americans buy makeup (24% acquire new products every month).

The importance of social networks

More than half of Americans (54%) say they interact with brands on social networks. This number rises to 67% among individuals 40 years old or younger.

Instagram is the preferred platform for Generation Z (18-25). The other age groups prefer Facebook. Social networks are the temple of product placements. Manufacturers do not hesitate to collaborate with the most followed personalities to promote their products. But it seems that Americans are no longer sensitive to this sponsored content. “Americans would rather try products themselves than have a celebrity promote them,” Attest said. “Setting up a sampling system or offering discounts on first-time purchases can be more effective ways for brands than using an influencer.”

The sustainability issue

Americans are …

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