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How do the British consume cosmetics?

Comment les Britanniques consomment-ils la cosmétique ?

Attest, an online survey platform, has scrutinized the “beauty” habits of the British. To do so, the company analyzed the behavior of 1000 inhabitants (men and women) of the United Kingdom. The objective? To establish a precise profile of these consumers in order to help cosmetic brands to better meet their expectations.

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Cosmetics are not just a gender thing in the UK. Men, especially Millenials (63%), are beauty consumers.
They buy both genderless skincare (10%) and makeup (39%).
At least 24% of them acquire new products every month.

They are also the leaders of the HIBAGs (Highly Invested in Beauty and Grooming). These are people who have a high frequency of cosmetic purchases (and use).
This group, which represents 11% of the overall sample, is composed of 56% men and 44% women. They are (on average) between 18 and 25 years old and spend around £75 per month on their beauty products (compared to £15 for the majority of British people).
They have complex routines and spend nearly 45 minutes a day in the bathroom.

Engagement on social networks

Brits use Instagram (37%), Facebook (29%) and YouTube (27%) to interact with professionals and discover new products.
In general, they confide that they are not sensitive to the content offered by influencers. Indeed, seeing a celebrity promoting a product is not attractive to them. “Brands should rather invest in sampling campaigns,” advises Attest.

Buying criteria

Brits are attentive to the sustainable and responsible profile of brands. But some causes are more important to …

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