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Inclusive cosmetics: Mintel's top

Cosmétiques inclusifs : le top de Mintel

People with disabilities are the great forgotten in the beauty sector. However, more and more brands are starting to design cosmetics for this audience. Mintel, a foresight firm, has reviewed the latest innovations in this field and has drawn up its ranking of the most interesting concepts.

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According to Mintel, more than half of Americans in the U.S. believe the beauty industry should be more inclusive, and more than four in 10 British adults think that care professionals ignore people with disabilities.

Olay - Easy Open Lid
The Olaybrand recently released a winged lid that is easy to grip for people with disabilities. The product information is also written in Braille. The cap was developed in collaboration with amputee and visually impaired consumers. Olay said it did not want to patent its innovation so that the rest of the industry could learn from it.

Guide Beauty’s ergonomic eyeliner
Guide Beauty was created by makeup artist Terri Bryant after her own diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. And since eye makeup requires precision, she developed products for everyone. “The brow gel, mascara and eyeliner are designed to allow the cap to be gripped between her index and middle fingers, providing additional control and freeing up the rest of the user’s fingers to hold against her face for comfort and precision,” comments Mintel.

Kohl Kreatives’ Flex Collection
These are makeup tools (brushes, brushes). The accessories have an easy grip and their head is foldable. They even have audio guides for …

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