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Wednesday, January 10, 2024Market

Marketing strategies for 2024

Les stratégies marketing à adopter en 2024

Designing a quality product is all very well, but knowing how to sell it by addressing the consumer correctly is even better. To help brands adopt the right language codes and better understand how their targets work, the forward-looking consultancy Kantar has drawn up a list of good marketing practices.

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Kantar has identified several areas in which manufacturers should take a closer look.

Embracing artificial intelligence
67% of marketers are optimistic about the possibilities offered by AI. The creation of visuals is more efficient and ever more creative. According to Kantar, the possibilities for creating impactful campaigns are endless.

The importance of values
Two-thirds of people agree that they want brands that “align” with their personal values. Globally, 80% of those surveyed say they “strive” to buy products from companies that support causes close to their hearts.

Speaking out (or not)
“Brands that take an activist stance are increasingly publicized. At the same time, social media are creating a global stage and democratizing opinions, intensifying the risk and scale of consumer reaction,” analyzes Kantar. Influencers’ actions have an impact on the brand they work with. “That’s why it’s important to set clear rules with them from the start of the collaboration. Marketers need to learn how to deal with potential negative reactions to their content or their influencer’s content on social networks. Companies that express themselves in a way that is consistent with their DNA and that stands up for their convictions can find their way into the hearts of …

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