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Wednesday, October 11, 2023Market

Mintel (already) gives its three beauty predictions for 2024

Mintel donne (déjà) ses trois prédictions beauté pour 2024

The end of the year is approaching, and as usual, forecasting firms are revealing the trends that are likely to prevail in the short term. Mintel opens the ball. The agency’s crystal ball reveals, among other things, the emergence of simplified routines and the boom in connected beauty.

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According to Mintel, three major trends will shake up the beauty industry in 2024.


“The link between body and mind is essential. And brands are beginning to understand this concept. They will have to seek to offer a holistic approach to beauty, by proposing products that act on both appearance and the mind,” explains the agency. “Practices such as psychodermatology (which explores the relationship between psychological well-being and epidermal health) and neurocosmetics (which focuses on the relationship between mind and skin) will gain ground. Cutting-edge analysis, DNA testing and personalized algorithms will enable brands to innovate in tailor-made skincare, adapted to each individual’s physical and mental needs.”


According to Mintel, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the beauty industry. In the coming years, we can expect AI to create cosmetic experiences based on individual preferences, genetics, environment and lifestyle. It will undoubtedly contribute to precise skin analysis, personalized product recommendations and real-time wellness monitoring.

Sophisticated Simplicity

In cosmetics, the watchword is efficiency. Consumers are no longer (so) attracted by tantalizing claims and surreal promises.
On the contrary, they want proof of what brands claim. For them, putting the price tag on a beauty product is not necessarily a problem, as …

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