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Mustela experiments with bulk in pharmacies

Mustela expérimente le vrac en pharmacie

Organic certified cleansing gel and hydro-alcoholic gel in bulk format… this is the new proposal tested by Mustela in pharmacies, as an extension of its environmental and social commitments. And in the current trend towards a return to essentials and eco-responsibility…

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More ecological, more responsible, bulk distribution continues to gain ground. In 2019, 40% of French households were confident that they would buy products in bulk. Their main motivations for buying: the reduction of plastic packaging and the refusal of waste.
And while bulk purchases are still concentrated mainly in the food sector, the market has already begun to diversify with adult care and hygiene products in the form of solid products.

Today, 54% of young families with babies say they are ready to consume baby care and hygiene products in bulk. This is despite the fact that safety and hygiene remain issues on which parents need to be reassured.
In order to respond to these concerns and remove these obstacles, Mustela has chosen the pharmacy to propose an alternative offer of cosmetic care products in bulk. With bulk that guarantees quality and safety as for the brand’s already packaged products.

A first experiment

By launching this bulk experimentation, Mustela wants to go even further in its reflection on the eco-design of its products and more particularly on the reduction of packaging.
Initially, bulk is being tested on a small scale in order to validate the positive impact of this new …

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