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Wellness, social networks and artificial intelligence: the beauty pillars of 2024

Bien-être, réseaux sociaux et intelligence artificielle : les piliers beauté de 2024

According to forecasting firm Kline, certain major trends are confirmed this year. According to the agency, consumers are looking for ever more holistic cosmetics, continue to invest in social networks for shopping and are ready to try out beauty tech solutions.

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In his latest report, Kline identifies four distinct trends.

Cosmetics seem to be the obvious solution to the prevailing gloom.
Hair, skin, nails… it’s time to shine! Consumers are looking for flashy manicures and a glowing complexion. It’s not about camouflage, it’s about taking care of yourself.
“To thrive in the holistic beauty segment, brands will have to integrate the ‘emotional well-being’ parameter into the products they offer and market,” analyzes Kline.

Will artificial intelligence revolutionize the customer experience? According to Kline, it will enable brands to go further in skin diagnostics or offer high-quality virtual trial solutions (on smartphone or computer).
But the field of application doesn’t stop there. With new technologies, professionals will also be able to better organize their after-sales service, inventory management or content generation on their social networks.

Social commerce
“E-commerce has rapidly become the cornerstone of beauty industry marketing strategies, leveraging the power of social media platforms to seamlessly merge content, community and commerce,” analyzes Kline. “Spaces such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are bustling marketplaces where skincare enthusiasts not only seek advice and inspiration, but also make instant purchases based on trusted recommendations. Network selling is not a passing trend. It’s …

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