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Where do young graduates want to work?

Où les jeunes diplômés veulent-ils travailler ?

For the eleventh year running, Epoka, Occurence and IFOP have published their “Top companies preferred by students and recent graduates” list. Its aim is to shed light on the expectations of those entering the job market, and to provide companies with certain keys to successfully recruiting new talent.

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This field survey was conducted between October and December 2023. 15,000 people (aged 18 to 30) were interviewed. Respondents covered the full range of training courses offered in France. However, the study focuses on young people who have graduated from prestigious schools.

The world of employment is a little scary. Only 36% of respondents think it will be easy to find a job in the next 12 months.

In their opinion, the best assets for their professional careers are:
• Adaptability (69%)
• Enthusiasm and motivation (60%)
• Versatility (54%)
• Initiative or autonomy (50%)
• Analytical skills (49%)
• Diploma rating (49%)

They also explain that working conditions (90%) and career development opportunities (80%) are the most important criteria for joining one structure rather than another.

While many forecasting firms explain that Gen Z is a very militant generation, the Epoka barometer gives the lie to this assertion. Only 36% of respondents say that a company’s commitments are important to them in the recruitment process.

When it comes to CSR, only 28% think that companies have a front-line role to play in social inclusion. Instead, they tend to see politicians as equally responsible.

Young graduates, young wolves?

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