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Perfume: Chinese consumer typologies

Parfum : typologies des consommateurs chinois

Perfume is an everyday gesture for many people and it says a lot about their personality. During the Tous au Parfum conference day organized by the International Perfume Foundation (IPF) in Paris on July 1st, Li Chen Morisset, President of IPF China, presented the profile of Chinese perfume consumers.

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To establish this mapping, Li Chen Morisset studied the behavior and perfume purchases of Chinese people aged 18 to 45.

The classics
They are between 30 and 45 years old. They have a little knowledge of the world of perfume. They are tempted by the fragrances of the moment that are pushed by the brands. Generally speaking, they like floral and woody notes.

The happy ones
These individuals aged 20 to 30 are free electrons. They are not loyal to any particular brand. Instead, they pursue the fragrance experience by trying new things. According to the expert, they have a preference for fruity juices with citrus accords.

The moderates
Could this be the end of eccentricities for 35/45 year olds? This group prefers minimalism and sobriety. These consumers do not take risks and turn to a neutral olfactory signature.

The stylish
Members of this community are on trend. They are between 30 and 45 years old. In terms of fragrance, they value storytelling. They refuse to follow the codes of the mass, so they naturally turn to premium brands. They have a taste for marine and woody scents.

The “tailor-made”
These young people (18-25) are in search of individuality. They …

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