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Pregnancy: what are the "cosmetic" expectations of French women?

Grossesse : quelles sont les attentes "cosmétiques" des Françaises ?

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. And many of them are all the more careful about the products they use during these nine months. But what exactly do they need? This is the question answered by the OpinionWay survey for Ozalys.

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To carry out this survey, OpinionWay selected a sample of 1099 women representative of the French population (aged 18 and over).
The panel was interviewed by self-administered online questionnaire between April 11 and 13, 2022.

During pregnancy, one woman out of two looks carefully at the INCI list of cosmetics (51%). “Pregnancy exacerbates women’s vigilance towards beauty products. Nearly three out of four respondents trust only a selection of skincare products during this period (73%) and two thirds have the reflex to turn to products they know well (64%),” comments OpinionWay.
To make their choices, 25% of them use deciphering applications.

However, the vast majority (81%) prefer to turn to legitimate medical professionals to advise them.
Finally, only 20% of them listen to the opinions of public figures on social networks. “Nevertheless, younger people are more likely to follow the recommendations of the media and/or influencers (38% of those under 35).”

The importance of labels

More than eight out of ten women say they prefer cosmetics made in France. In addition, 80% of French women prefer natural products and 66% consider organic products to be healthier. “Beyond the natural and organic characteristics of the products, women are attentive to the …

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