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Tuesday, June 14, 2022Market

Sun and tanning: what are the questions most asked by Internet users?

Soleil et bronzage : quelles sont les questions que se posent le plus les Internautes ?

As summer approaches, consumers around the world are preparing to seek (or flee!) the sun. And this prospect raises some questions for them. Tajmeeli*, a cosmetic news website in the Middle East, has tried to find out what are the most popular queries on the Internet. To do so, the media reviewed all the searches made on Google, worldwide, on this theme.

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To make this compilation, Tajmeeli harvested and analyzed the most popular data on Google Trends between May 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021.

Among the top ten searches on Google are:
• How to treat sunstroke? (+1200% interest as summer approaches)
• What to put on the blisters of a sunstroke? (+900%)
• Can we tan with coconut oil ? (+850 %)
• Does chlorine remove self-tanner? (+400 %)
• How to tan without burning? (+300%)
• Should I moisturize before applying self-tanner? (+200%)
• What can I use as a tanning oil? (+200%)
• Does coconut oil act as a sun protection? (+180%)
• How long does a sunburn last? (+160%)

Focus on the US and UK

Tajmeeli also looked specifically at what questions Americans were asking themselves as summer approaches.

The ranking contains the following mentions:
• What to put on the blisters of a sunburn? (+5000%)
• What are the signs of sunstroke? (+350%)
• How to recover from heat-induced fatigue? (+450%)
• Does coconut oil help to cure sunburn? (+400 %)
• Does coconut oil help to tan? (+400%)
• What does SPF mean? (+350%)
• Is SPF 100 effective? (+350%)
• Is using a higher …

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