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Sustainability: Chinese consumers' beliefs and desires

Durabilité : convictions et désirs des consommateurs chinois

China is currently one of the most polluted areas in the world… but also one of the countries where sustainable development policies are the most advanced. And consumers are increasingly sensitive to climate issues. On the occasion of a morning of conferences on the theme of ecological awakening in China, Eric Garcia, Director of the Luxury Beauty division of CSA Institut, came to present figures that testify to the expectations of the Chinese in terms of sustainability.

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“In China, the awareness of the governing bodies is not new and has spread to civil society,” says Eric Garcia. “This has led to the emergence of new behaviors among citizens.”

By 2019, 85% of Chinese (versus 65% of the global population) had adapted their consumption patterns in response to climate change.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, 73% of Chinese support the idea of a greener economy and 78% say they are ready to stop buying products made by a brand that is not environmentally committed (versus 68% in France, for example).

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According to Eric Garcia, “the Chinese have become aware of environmental issues and seem determined to move faster than the rest of the planet.

According to the figures presented by CSA’s Beauty Director:
• 75% of Chinese people buy more eco-friendly products (versus 54% of the global population)
• 74% of Chinese prefer more responsible packaging (versus 55%)
• 74% of Chinese are concerned about traceability (versus 56%)
• 72% of Chinese support committed brands (versus 54%)
• 72% of Chinese are looking for certified care (versus 51%)

Despite all this goodwill, there are some obstacles preventing citizens from fully embracing a greener …

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