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Wednesday, May 18, 2022Market

The essential on cosmetic export to Morocco

L'essentiel sur l'export cosmétique au Maroc

Estimated at eight million euros, the beauty market is booming. This is why the Team France Export of Business France encourages French companies to consider Morocco in their internationalization strategy. Focus on this promising area.

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Cosmetics is one of the most dynamic industries in Morocco. It is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7.5% until 2025.
The country is particularly well known for its cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants (APM), which are mostly reserved for export (141,000 tons grown annually).

Tourism also plays an important role in the strength of the healthcare sector.
Morocco is the second most popular destination in the MENA region. Spas, hammams and other institutes are popular with visitors. There are nearly 1800 structures.

As everywhere, the Covid-19 has an impact on the beauty industry (-20% of sales in 2019). The socializing categories have suffered more. Professional establishments, strongly linked to tourism, have also seen their attendance drop sharply.
“On the other hand, the health crisis has favored the increase in the production of APMs due to their use in several areas, including traditional medicine,” explains Business France.

Market characteristics
The sector is dominated by international supply. But this situation is changing. “In the 2000s, the ratio was 90% market share for foreign brands versus 10% for national. Today, it is 65% for foreign companies against 35% for local.”

In addition, Moroccan actors stand out in the production …

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