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Wednesday, February 1, 2023Market

The future of beauty according to Wunderman Thompson

Le futur de la beauté selon Wunderman Thompson

What will be the cosmetics of tomorrow? As every year, the Wunderman Thompson forecasting firm has just published its 2023 report. Among the 100 trends that are likely to become part of our daily lives, some of them concern the beauty sector.

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For the coming year, Wunderman Thompson has identified several trends related to the cosmetics industry.

Circadian skincare
What if cosmetics were inspired by the circadian rhythm (biological rhythm of the body, editor’s note)?
Some companies have already started to take an interest in this. This is the case of the Chronobiology sleep mask from Noble Panacea. The product has three activation phases and will release different ingredients during the night.

Beauty professionals work on the synergy of skin and mind. They focus on ingredients that have both skin and psychological benefits.
Today, 74% of consumers feel that their mental state and their skin are linked. Manufacturers can design products that help combat stress and benefit the skin.

Resurrected ingredients
Brands are resurrecting lost or forgotten raw materials. For example, the European research project Odeuropa uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recreate lost scents from the past. Bringing back to life certain ingredients allows us to safeguard yesterday’s heritage while preserving today’s resources.

Adaptogenic beauty
“Functional wellness is coming to skin care formulas,” says Wunderman Thompson. “Herbar, a new adaptogenic beauty brand, was launched in August 2022 on the premise that ‘cosmetics can help heal’.”

Skin cycling
Do we eat the …

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