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Wednesday, August 24, 2022Market

The influence of societal factors on cosmetic trends, according to Mintel

L'influence des aléas sociétaux sur les tendances cosmétiques, selon Mintel

Technological advances, sustainability, gender identity… these are all themes that are part of consumers’ daily lives. According to Mintel, a forecasting agency, these contemporary topics will have an impact on future beauty trends…

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“The global pandemic has had a lasting impact on people around the world, creating changes in lifestyle and priorities. Developments such as the importance of ethics, changing identities and the influence of technology will directly impact the beauty industry by changing consumer expectations,” says Mintel.

Acting for the common good
No more being a non-committal cosmetic brand. Today, 88% of Chinese say they would boycott a brand whose actions are not ethical. Similarly, 55% of Americans are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the brands they like.
It is worth noting that the younger generation is particularly animated by these issues and is actively involved.
Faced with this pressure, the beauty industry must respond and set an example. “Although the stakes are high, it is possible to take part in the fight against climate change with joy and good humor,” explains Mintel. “There is no need to adopt a serious posture.”

In the same vein, the trend firm advises professionals to communicate with transparency by implementing measurement tools that provide information on the commitments made. “This helps build consumer confidence and can also help put some pressure on other players in the industry who have not yet taken …

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