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Wednesday, February 15, 2023Market

The most important consumer trends of 2023

Les tendances conso les plus importantes de 2023

The world is changing, the crises are growing and so is the behavior of the citizens of this planet. To better understand the expectations of the general public and to help industry professionals (all sectors), the online survey agency Attest questioned (via the Internet) 1000 British people. Here is what the survey revealed.

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Attest has identified several expectations and desires that may intensify in 2023 (and in the years to come).

Young people are positive
Even though inflation has taken its toll on morale, 64% of Gen Zers say they feel good and are happy right now, compared to only 7% of Boomers.
Attest therefore advises to adapt its tone to the audience you are addressing.

A need for reassurance
45% of consumers need brands to have a discourse that reassures and comforts.
“Overall, humorous messages are slightly more popular (48.8%), but are most popular with consumers aged 40 and over. Younger consumers, on the other hand, show a preference for motivational messages.”

Overall, 45% of consumers want brands to address poverty and inequality. This is followed by climate change (41.4%). Gen Zers, meanwhile, are much more likely than other demographics to want brands to take action against racism (47.2%).

Tik Tok on the rise!
53.2% of Gen Z follow brands on Tik Tok. The number of consumers interacting with businesses on TikTok has increased 7.4 points since last year, to 27.1%. But beware, you have to make sure the content is authentic to appeal to Internet users.

The Age of the …

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