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Trends: what's buzzing on TikTok?

Tendances : qu'est-ce qui buzz sur TikTok ?

For several months now, the social network (sometimes under fire from critics) has been seen by foresight professionals as the cradle of emerging trends. Now it’s the turn of Visibrain, an agency specializing in communication and strategic intelligence on social platforms, to list the “beauty” trends that are on the rise.

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The low-price boom
While some brands are raising their prices and becoming increasingly premium, budget beauty brands are making their mark on the web. “Maybelline, NYX, Kiko… Budget cosmetics brands are a hit with Internet users and are among the most mentioned on TikTok, ahead of YSL, Fenty and Lancôme,” explains Visibrain.
Retailers are not to be outdone either: Action and Normal (chains that sell everything, including beauty care products) are very often cited in videos by content creators.

Classic beauty tutorials have had their day. More and more TikTokeurs are offering their communities videos that are much more advanced and elaborate.

Mobilizing against animal abuse
TikTok users are making their voices heard against animal experimentation. The Human Society International awareness-raising video (featuring a rabbit named Ralph) has been massively shared.

The breakthrough of male muses
“Gone are the days when the cosmetics industry attracted only female influencers! And for good reason, two men have made it into the top 10 most influential beauty TikTokeurs (Fabian CRFX and Un garçon stupide). Together, they rack up almost 2.5 million likes on their videos.”

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