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Wednesday, January 25, 2023Market

Use of red algae and respect for microbiota: two promising trends according to WGSN

Utilisation des algues rouges et respect du microbiote : deux tendances porteuses selon WGSN

The forecasting firm has published its latest general trend book for the year 2023. As far as the beauty sector is concerned, two trends seem to stand out: microbiome friendly skincare and cosmetics formulated with active ingredients from algae.

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According to WGSN, these trends will take hold well into 2023 and will likely persist.

Always more algae
Algae have not revealed all their secrets. They are widely used in cosmetics for their multiple benefits, here they win the hair care, body as well as food supplements.
“The hashtag #SeaMoss has already reached over 450 million views on TikTok. This generic term describes the thousands of species of red algae and seaweed that grow around the world,” explains WGSN.

Free your bacteria!
Thanks to research on the subject, consumers have a better understanding of respecting the skin’s flora. The term “bacteria” is no longer to be proscribed, on the contrary.
Thus, Internet users are more and more interested in microbiome-friendly skin care products. Even better, they are looking for cosmetics that can restore their microbiota. “The unique nature of each person will create new opportunities in skin health monitoring.”

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