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What you should not miss at Cosmoprof Asia

Ce qu'il ne fallait pas manquer à Cosmoprof Asia

Cosmoprof trade shows gather each time several thousands of exhibitors. To allow visitors not to miss anything, the Beautystreams forecasting agency reviews all the innovations presented during the event. The most remarkable ones are compiled in the traditional Cosmotrends report.

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“The CosmoTrends Report is an essential trend guide for the cosmetics industry, highlighting notable products and brands at Cosmoprof Asia 2022,” explains Beautystreams. “Exhibitors submitted their latest releases and we analyzed several hundred entries. The following ranking provides a perspective on the future of beauty.

Biome Mania

“We are in the age of the microbiome, which is neither a fad nor a trend, but a scientifically based field that opens up new perspectives on understanding human health and the importance of an internal and external approach,” explains the trend firm. “The Holy Grail is to achieve a diverse and balanced microbiome for calm and non-reactive skin.

Amtixbio - Plant Probiotics Balance Ampoule
The product’s Pediococcus ferment extract activates beneficial bacteria while suppressing harmful ones. It prevents skin aging with antioxidant effects similar to those of vitamin C.

Eldan Cosmetics - Rebalancing Cream with Prebiotics
This cream contains prebiotic active ingredients that control excessive sebum production, stimulate the skin’s microbiome and help maintain its natural balance.

Ofi SpA - Vita Age® Pre+Probiotic
This revitalizing treatment maintains the skin’s pH balance, controls transepidermal water loss, prevents thinning of the lipid barrier and restores the fatty acid composition.

J.C. People Co - Wheat-y-Polish …

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