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LESS, a CITEO guide to reduce packaging

LESS, un guide de CITEO pour réduire les emballages

For the same material, less packaging always means less environmental impact. But reaching this goal may not be easy. This is why CITEO is offering LESS, a new methodological guide with resources and best practices available to its clients.

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“Less is more for the planet,” proclaims CITEO.
The first of the 3Rs (the Reduce/Reuse/Recycle triptych), reduction is a key lever for reducing the environmental impact of packaging: less raw material to extract, transport and shape, but also less packaging to recycle or recover once it becomes waste. The elimination and optimisation of packaging are therefore the most obvious and priority actions to implement.
They are also expected by consumers (65% of French people say they prefer products with less packaging) and framed by regulations (one of the objectives of the French AGEC law is to achieve -20% of single-use plastic packaging by the end of 2025).

A methodological guide

Reviewing the functionality of packaging, eliminating packaging that does not fulfil any function either for the product or for the consumer, reducing grammage and thickness, optimising dimensions, concentrating the product or developing refills: there are numerous solutions for reducing single-use packaging.

LESS is a methodological guide with explanatory resources and illustrations to help brands and retailers implement it step by step.
Six key steps are to be followed in an interactive way and questions are provided to help move the process forward:
• Identify the packaging units and associated functionalities …

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