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Wednesday, June 22, 2022Packaging news

Packaging: what are the upcoming trends?

Packagings : quelles sont les tendances à venir ?

Mintel, a consulting firm, has just published a report on the trends that are likely to shake up the packaging industry. And it is against a backdrop of sustainability, transparency and eco-responsibility that the contours of these changes are taking shape.

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At a time when climate issues are becoming increasingly important, consumers want to live a more responsible lifestyle. “That’s why brands should use packaging to highlight understandable measures of the environmental impact of the product and packaging,” says Mintel.
Indeed, citizens are making more informed choices. 65% of Canadians believe that their decisions can have a positive effect on the planet and that professionals must accompany them in this process.

Be educational

According to Mintel’s figures, 54% of Chinese say that a label measuring the environmental impact would encourage them to buy the product in question and 36% of Indians confirm that packs currently contain too little information on waste management. In addition, 36% of Americans say they have chosen one consumer good over another because the packaging was more sustainable.
“Citizens are looking for tools that allow them to weigh their environmental impact and change their behavior,” Mintel said. “For many, understanding the weight of their decisions is the first step toward positive change. Over time, they will demand a clear evaluation system that provides readable indicators.”

Be honest

Many manufacturers are committed to various causes. Today, the general public wants to measure the progress of these promises. “Brands …

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