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Plastics Europe denounces the inadequacy of collection in France

Plastics Europe dénonce les insuffisances de la collecte en France

While the level of fossil-based plastics production has returned to its pre-Covid 19 pandemic level of activity, Plastics Europe is calling for more selective collection to boost recycling. According to the association, this remains a key handicap in Europe, and especially in France.

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Jean-Yves Daclin, Managing Director of Plastics Europe France, made the call at a press conference on 21 June 2022.

Compared to 2020, which was marked by an 11.3% drop, 2021 is a year of recovery in France, with an increase in plastics production of 2.5%. At the same time, the plastics industry has seen a 6.1% increase in activity.
The recovery was particularly strong in construction, with a demand for plastics of 1.1 million tonnes, i.e. +15.7% compared to 2020.
The automotive sector, with 400 kt, recorded a growth in demand of +17% which, however, did not allow it to catch up with its pre-Covid level.

The efforts of the packaging sector

The packaging sector recorded a very slight growth in its demand for virgin plastics (around +40 kt). However, compared to pre-Covid years, the decline continues (-134 kt, or -6% compared to 2017), a sign of the sector’s efforts towards greater circularity of its products.
Beyond reduction and reuse, and according to the Syndicat national des régénérateurs de matières plastiques (SRP), 2021 was marked by a very strong recovery in the production of RPM (Recycled Plastics Materials) in France (+ 19%), of which packaging represents 42% of outlets. Thus, …

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