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Tuesday, July 12, 2022Packaging news

Heinz Glas launches a range of perfectly imperfect packs

Bormioli Luigi lance une gamme de packs parfaitement imparfaits

The glassmaker presented its latest launch at the ADF/PCD show (which took place in Paris on June 29 and 30). The manufacturer has created a surprise by proposing a line of glass bottles with manufacturing anomalies and “defects”. The goal is to reduce waste and have a lower environmental impact.

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The trend is towards asperity. Following the example of the “ugly vegetables” liberation movement carried by some actors of the food industry, Heinz Glas wanted to market a range of containers with apparent malformations.

“A bottle with a crooked bottom? Visible shape joints? An irregular surface or enclosed air bubbles? What seems to be a mistake at first glance is absolutely intentional and becomes pure design! We turn four deviations from the norm into a trendy and honest aesthetic. The four imperfections can be freely chosen according to the modular principle. The glass is made of natural materials,” explains Heinz Glas. The concept is simple. Each customer can determine his or her level of imperfection. The more tolerable the deviations, the more sustainable the manufacturing process.
In addition, each bottle or jar contains 25% recycled glass (PCR).

“With this new series, we dive into our own history. The look is deliberately reminiscent of the good old-fashioned glassmaker’s craft, with its shapes and colors,” comments the company. “Our ‘Not a mistake’ range is durable, high quality and turns imperfection into a design element.”

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