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Wednesday, September 14, 2022Trends

Advertising: how to appeal to Generation Z?

Publicité : comment plaire à la génération Z ?

Since the advent of the Internet, information is everywhere. According to YPulse, an agency specializing in deciphering trends related to younger generations, Zs and Millenials consume much more content on the web than their elders. While they may be overexposed to ads and other promotional messages, that doesn’t mean they are susceptible to them. And to help brands capture their interest, YPulse stresses the importance of inclusivity and the banning of beauty canons.

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Even though many brands have changed the way they communicate, this is not enough for 18-25 year olds. 58% of young Europeans believe that current advertisements are full of stereotypes and 46% of them agree that manufacturers do not understand people their age. Moreover, two out of five people explain that they have stopped buying a company’s products because of a promotional campaign that was deemed “inappropriate”.

The criteria for appreciating Generation Z

YPulse has listed the elements that 18-25s want to see in an ad and that contribute to making them adhere to a brand.
Thus, we find:
• The presence of different morphologies and ethnicities (70%)
• The casting of people with disabilities (66%)
• The presence of an interracial couple (64%)
• The appearance of a same-sex couple (57%)
• The choice of transgender models (54%)

Sweet inclusivity

For Zs, representation of all bodies is paramount, especially in fashion and beauty.
“Today, 70% of young Europeans say that choosing models with different body types would encourage them to have a positive opinion of a brand,” says YPulse. On the other hand, the majority of them say they would reject a brand that used Photoshop in an ad. …

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