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The buyer of tomorrow and its 1001 versions

L'acheteur de demain et ses 1001 versions

There is no single type of consumer. On the contrary, there are different profiles that will not be sensitive to the same offers, experiences or values. And as it is very important to know your target to hope to meet its expectations, the trend firm Euromonitor has listed the multiple variations of customers.

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“When analyzing buying behavior and decision factors, you can’t just look at demographic data,” Euromonitor explains. “This information gives a biased view. That’s why we went beyond that to create distinct consumer typologies.”

The traditional
They are not inclined to give importance to their image and follow the latest trends. In fact, 60% of them do not share anything online and never interact with brands on social networks.
“This consumer profile can be difficult to influence, as they make few impulse purchases or try new products and generally stick to the basics.”
According to Euromonitor, these consumers do not like to stroll through stores (78%) and rarely or never do “pleasure” shopping (52%).

To hope to appeal to them, the agency advises creating a convenient and easy customer experience to minimize the time spent shopping and clearly indicating discounts (online and in-store).

The “bold”
They invest in their image and make it a priority. They care about what others think and follow the latest trends.
They are active on social networks because these platforms represent a lifestyle they envy.

• Want products and services that are exclusively for them (88%)
• Find it important that others believe they are …

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