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Wednesday, November 30, 2022Trends

Trend: holistic cosmetics make their mark in the Asia-Pacific region

Tendance : la cosmétique holistique s'impose dans la zone Asie-Pacifique

Like everywhere else in the world, people in the APAC region want cosmetics that are good for their skin, their mind and the planet. Mintel, a market research firm, has just published its latest trend report on Asia-Pacific countries with a special focus on India, Japan and Thailand.

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Consumers consider the body to be an ecosystem that must be defended. Therefore, they use products that help protect them from external aggressions. Anti-pollution care, for example, is particularly popular in these countries.
For example, 50% of Chinese people believe that strengthening the skin barrier is an important claim when it comes to choosing a cosmetic.

Less water

The general public is aware of the state of the planet. This is why waterless cosmetics are becoming more popular. “Water-free formulas represent an opportunity for a more sustainable offering, but to generate greater appeal, brands need to emphasize the benefits to the skin and ensure that there is no compromise on a pleasant experience,” advises Mintel.

Natural versus synthetic

At a time when some natural resources are under strain, citizens are starting to change their minds about lab-made ingredients. Synthetic is less demonized than it used to be.


The trend of personalization is not new, but it tends to become even more democratized. Consumers don’t just want a foundation adapted to their skin tone, they want skincare products adapted to their age, to the climate of the region where they live… “Brands will have to work on this type of …

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