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Tuesday, June 14, 2011Sector

Norway publishes its first Cosmetovigilance report

©Nasjonalt folkehelseinstitutt/Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Obviously, the Cosmetovigilance network extends in Europe as around the world. Norway has thus issued its first report on Adverse Effects from Cosmetic Products. No big surprise: hair dyes are designated as being responsible for the most serious reactions, although the moisturizers cause the most numerous.

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June 14, 2011

The French Afssaps set up the Cosmetovigilance netwok in 2004. Sweden and Germany have designed their own registers while the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has set up its own census of adverse effects of cosmetics in April 2011.

Norway publishes today its first "National Register" of Cosmetovigilance.

In its introduction, it rightly says that "Cosmetic products are more than just make-up and perfume; they include all products applied to the external parts of the body, teeth and mucous membranes in the oral cavity and are intended to affect body odour, to clean, to perfume, to protect, to preserve or to alter the appearance. Therefore we can assume that virtually the entire population, both men and women, uses one or more cosmetic products daily".

Within two years, 120 adverse effects have been notified to the Norwegian health authorities:
• Moisturizers: 69
• Sunscreen/tanning products: 15
• Cleansing products: 11
• Hair dye/bleach products: 8
• Hair care products: 5
• Dental care products: 5
• Make-up: 4
• Depilation products: 1
• Various products: 2

Hair dyes: the most dangerous cosmetics

If moisturizers account for 57.5% of adverse effects (mostly eczema, oedema, blistering and/or stinging pain …

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