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Monday, April 4, 2011International

Cosmetovigilance ? as seen by the USA

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A problem after using a cosmetic product? A rash, an allergy-like reaction, an irritation? In France, from 2004 on, the Cosmetovigilance network has been set up to list all the adverse reactions due to cosmetics. A similar network is planned to be enforced for Europe as a whole. And now, the USA comes on the same track!

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April 4, 2011
The Cosmetovigilance network is now well established in France. Afssaps designed it to look for and record all adverse effects of cosmetics, to identify and concentrate all pieces of information dealing with them and try to prevent their occurrence.

The new European Regulation , which shall be fully enforced in 2013, in lieu of the current Directive on cosmetic products, will introduce it in all the European countries and its efficiency will be enhanced by all the countries sharing information. Its Article 23 states that all serious adverse effects shall be notified to the national authorities, which shall report them to the other competent national authorities.

Even if users may report, the French Cosmetovigilance network relies mainly upon health professionals (M.Ds, dentists, pharmacists, nurses), and cosmetics manufacturers.

FDA wants you!

In the USA, the system will rely mainly upon users.
The FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which is also the watchdog for cosmetics, issued a " Call for report " specifically directed at consumers to encourage them to report any problem they have faced.

" You break out in a head-to-toe rash after applying a sunless tanning lotion. Your son’s skin is red and blotchy after he …

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