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Mandatory mentions ... on purpose!


Some regulatory mentions are mandatory and manufacturers shall have them printed on the packaging of their cosmetics. These are pieces of information that the lawyers think must be made available for the average consumer. Very often, our eyes are unmindful of these small print …but, if there are available, it is likely they are useful! Here are some clues on how to use them …

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The basis for this is the Article 19 of the future Regulation on Cosmetic Products 1223/2009; nevertheless, the same requirements are in the currently implemented Directive pertaining with cosmetics.

In its first paragraph, there is a clear requirement: "Without prejudice to other provisions in this Article, cosmetic products shall be made available on the market only where the container and packaging of cosmetic products bear the following information in indelible, easily legible and visible lettering":

The name or registered name and the address of the responsible person

This is the legal or natural person designated within the Community as "responsible person" who, for each cosmetic product placed on the market, shall ensure compliance with the relevant obligations set out in this Regulation.
Such information may be abbreviated in so far as the abbreviation makes it possible to identify that person and his address.

For which purpose?
• For the sanitary authorities, this is a means to identify quickly who will be the contact for any breach of regulation, a concern with the product, a warning from Cosmetovigilance.
• The consumer is sure he could get additional pieces of information further to those printed on the packaging.

The Article nbr 21 …

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