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Eyelid & Eye Multi - Actions Roll-On Concealer



Manufacturer’s Presentation

Anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness, anti-wrinkles, anti-sagging, moisturizing.
Ghostly Milky Veil
Instantly illuminates the eyes
95% natural origin
Silicone-free for a natural milky feel

Finally, an eye contour that does it all!
With time and fatigue, wrinkles can appear and the eyelids can become slack.
The blood vessels around the eyes become less watertight and leak pigments (iron and bilirubin) and plasma fluid responsible for the coloring of dark circles and the appearance of bags.
Discover Tears of the Phantom, a multi-action eye and eyelid roll-on with ultra-fast results.

The Garancia laboratory has developed Lumineyeboost a unique combination of High-Tech light reflective Powders, Bioavailable Silicon, iron & bilirubin Scavengers anti-dark circles & anti-puffiness Peptides and 6 botanical extracts Jania Rubens, Sambucus nigra, Tephrosia purpurea, Arnica montana, Albizia julibrissin, polyglycerides that will help day after day to:
• Reduce the appearance of dark circles & puffiness
• Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
• Redensify & strengthen the fragile area around the eyes at the level of the “valley of tears” and eyelids
• Moisturize
• Refresh the eyes

• Immediately*:
100% Moisturized eye
87% Muminated Look
• After 24h*:
100% of subjects feel they have gained 1 to 4 hour’sleep on their skin
• After 3 days*:
100% Refreshed eyes
95% Reduced dark circles
91% Tightened seem eyelids
81% Less visible Puffiness

Botanical extracts
• Jania Rubens, a red algae titrated in vegetable taurine with energizing power that relaxes the eyes in 24 hours**.
• Sambucus nigra, iron scavenger and fabulous protector of blood vessel walls.
• Tephrosia purpurea, glycosylated extract of the seed.
Tested in vitro, it increases by + 163 % the B-endorphins, molecules of the good being and the relaxation, and clears up the rings***.
• Arnica montana, remedy of our grandmothers to attenuate the appearance of the blue.
• Albizia julibrissin called “Silk tree” or “Night sleeper”, which helps the skin to fill up with energy to fight against the effects of tiredness, associated with an extract titrated in darutoside to lift eyelids, wrinkles and fine lines****.
• Plant oleoactive fusion, with anti-aging and moisturizing powers.

*Clinical self-report test, 22 subjects, 2 app./d, 3 days.
**Clinical test, 23 subjects, after 1 app.
***Instrumental test, 24 subjects, 2 apps/d, 28 days.
****Instrumental test, 24 subjects, 2 app./d, 2 months.

Made in France

Directions for use

Morning and evening.
Shake the bottle before use. Massage the contour of the eye and eyelids with the stainless steel roll-on.
Tap, its incredible texture, such as a ghostly milky veil, disappears at the time of application to reduce the colouring of shadows and instantly.

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