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Huile 27

M.E.SkinLab-Cosmetics 27


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Bio-Nourishing Cell Regenerating Oil
Repairing • Protection • Restorative
Indications and Properties
Face, Body, Hair

Huile 27 is a repairing, nourishing and protecting treatment oil.
Its high penetration texture has an excellent affinity with the skin.
It is used as a treatment complement to reinforce and protect the skin.
It leaves the skin soft, toned with a healthy glow.
Huile 27 cans be applied on hair tips to reinforce and revive hair brightness.

Ingredient Information
Association of 8 natural vegetal oils: Centella asiatica extract, Macadamia, Echium, Hibiscus seed, Sesame, Souchet, Carthame, Carott extract.

The skin is balanced, nourished, supple and soft.
Replenished with repairing and protecting ingredients, the skin appears more toned and is glowing.
The skin is repaired, rebalanced and protected against all aggressions.
The complexion lights up, body’s skin is silky and hair is shiny and fortified.
Huile 27 leaves a light natural woody fragrance on the skin.

Made in France

Directions for use

Daily skincare • Day and night.
Huile 27 is suitable for all skin types.
Products made with Cosmetics 27 formulas should be massaged into the skin in order to penetrate and work effectively.
Apply morning and evening.

  1. Using the dropper, take several drops of Huile 27, depending on the area of the body.
  2. Warm gently by rubbing between your fingers.
  3. Apply Huile 27 to the entire area of your face, neck and décolleté with gentle massaging strokes.
    Finish by pressing lightly with your fingers from the inside towards the outside of your face.

Use on hair: Gently rub hair tips with a small amount of Huile 27.
Huile 27 is used on itw own, but also makes an excellent “booster” that can be mixed with other Cosmetics 27 products.
For an incredible hydrating, nourishing and regenerating treatment that illuminates your skin, mix a few drops of Essence 27 with Huile 27.

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Precautionary principle
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  • FACIAL CARE : Serums : Normal skins
    • classification with price29/53
    • classification without price10/53
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  • HAIR : Hair care : Oils
    • classification with price42/48
    • classification without price11/48
    • price rate( )( )( )( )( )
    • average in category(*)(*)(*)(*)( )
  • BODY : Moisturizers : Oils, Sprays
    • classification with price58/62
    • classification without price13/62
    • price rate( )( )( )( )( )
    • average in category(*)(*)(*)(*)( )
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