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Bio-Identical Rehydrating Serum


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PAO12 Monbox, bottle.
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Nescens Health Clinics, Internet.

30 mL (1 US fl.oz.) Glass bottle (dropper cap) + cardboard box + plastic film


Manufacturer’s Presentation


Resulting from advanced research by the Swiss laboratories Genolier, and formulated under the supervision of Prof. Jacques Proust* - a physician specializing in the biology of aging - the Nescens range offers a resolutely innovative anti-aging approach based on the understanding of molecular mechanisms involved in the maintenance and repair of skin structures.
*Medical Doctor, Head of the Center for the Prevention of Aging. Clinique de Genolier. Co-founder and Scientific Director of Laboratories Genolier

The Nescens bio-identical rehydrating** serum’s ingredients have the ability to trap water in the different layers of the stratum corneum and to reorganize the lipid barrier thus limiting transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Optimization of epidermal moisture flows has a major influence on the skin’s youth markers.

With the development of the bio-identical rehydrating serum Genolier laboratories offer a new treatment model for skin hydration. The skin rehydration functional logic applied to bio-identical rehydrating serum involves soliciting all of the skin’s hydration mechanisms that are essential to maintaining its youthful condition. Combined in the form of an instantly absorbed aqueous serum, the active substances help to:
• compensate for the deficit, linked to aging and sun exposure, in the different components of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) and encourage their synthesis
• rebuild the lamellar structure of skin lipids
• prevent damage to intercellular cement
• activate aquaporins (“water pumps”) in cell membranes
• correct deficiencies in hyaluronic acid production and activates its synthesis

Bio-identical rehydrating serum’s optimization of epidermal moisture flows has a major influence on the skin’s youth markers. This intense rehydration causes the skin’s microrelief to be “leveled” wrinkles appear diminished and the epidermis regains the smooth, plump and full appearance of young-looking skin.
**hydration of superior layers of the epidermis

Clinically tested under dermatological supervision

Made in Switzerland

Directions for use

Use twice-daily

The bio-identical rehydrating serum is recommended:
• As a long-term treatment for constitutional dehydrated skin conditions • Or as an intensive course of treatment for punctual dehydrated skin conditions fostered by particular climatic conditions

In compliance with the Nescens cosmeceutical system, it is recommended to apply the bio-identical rehydrating serum twice daily, prior to the application of the Nescens correcting care treatments to boost their moisturizing effect.
1/ Nescens priming care:
• Step 1: cleanse the face and neck with the cleansing gel. Dry well. • Step 2: spray the metabolic activator toner into the palm of your hand, then apply to perfectly cleansed and dried face and neck. Massage the skin tissues with smoothing motions to encourage absorption of the fluid.
2/ Nescens serum: when the metabolic activator toner is completely absorbed proceed with the application of the bio-identical rehydrating serum.
3/ Nescens correcting care: apply the molecular regeneration fluid emulsion in smoothing motions taking care to avoid to eye contour area. Finish off with light tapping motions to help the penetration of the cosmeceutical.

For men and women
Prevention and correction of skin alternations related to chronological and photo-induced aging

Due to high concentration of ingredients in Nescens cosmeceuticals, the instructions for use must be closely followed.
Nescens cosmeceuticals must be used on healthy skin.
After a cosmetic surgery or medical procedure, ask your doctor before using Nescens cosmeceuticals.

After opening the product, do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the package.

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