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Skin Meditation



Manufacturer’s Presentation

Stress Neutralizing Cellular Energy Complex This silky smooth wellness cocktail is packed with natural actives specifically chosen for their ability to counteract the signs of skin stress.

Skin Meditation is ideal for those looking to soothe, detox and re-balance their skin during periods of high stress, pollution, hormonal changes, sun exposure or to offset toxic lifestyle choices.

Skin Meditation reinforces your skin’s lipid barrier, reducing ruddiness and boosting clarity and luminosity.
Stressed skins are soothed and replenished; sensitivities and signs of external aggressions fade away.
Comfort, balance and vitality are restored, along with your natural glow.

Made in Switzerland

Directions for use

For all skin types and conditions, any age, gender or ethnicity.
Especially recommended for sensitive or stressed skins.
Use daily, morning and/or night.
Apply 2-3 drops, smoothing over face, neck and décolleté and finish with a gentle patting.
Wait 5 minutes and follow with your usual skin care or accompanying Elixseri Serum.
Avoid eye area and discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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