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Toning Serum Cream

Flora d'Essarts-Visage


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Bio Maxi
Dull and lifeless skin

Revitalising cream to nourish, stimulate and tone skin tissue. These stimulating, rebalancing active ingredients with anti-free radical properties restore the skin’s architecture. With a very high unfiltered and unpasteurised organic birch sap content (57.73%), this treatment fights against the ageing process and gradually offers the skin a longlasting and real serenity. Results very quickly become more noticeable over time. Improvement in the skin’s quality is evidenced by better elasticity and tone in the skin tissues that enhance the oval of the face and prevent or soften wrinkles. Its non-greasy texture means it quickly absorbed by the skin. It can be used as a makeup base, or if necessary it can be applied before using the Flora d’Essarts Ultra-hydrating Day Cream.

Manufacturing process controlled • Characteristic certified by Bureau Veritas / Qualité France
• 100% of all ingredients are natural or derived from nature
• 94.50% of all ingredients are from organic agriculture

Made in France

Directions for use

At night on cleansed skin, or both morning and night if need be or following a Floraserum A treatment.
Can be used safely around the eyes, lips and along the neckline.

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  • FACIAL CARE : Serums : Mature skins
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