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Day Cream

Noreva-Noviage Lumin-Activ


Manufacturer’s presentation

Anti-wrinkle, shine
Light therapy-like effect
Anti-pollution • Anti-fatigue
All skin types
High tolerance care

As lifestyles are changing and we are increasingly exposed to artificial light (office, screens, etc.), the Noreva laboratories have built on the latest scientific advances (2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine) in developing Noviage Lumin-Activ, the first anti-ageing skincare range recreating the benefits of natural light at the heart of the skin to reactivate its youthfulness and beauty.

Noviage Lumin-Activ Day Cream provides optimal performance during the day, thanks to its unique and exclusive formulation of anti-ageing and detoxifying active agents.
• Lumin-ox: Innovative active ingredient with a luminotherapy-like effect acting on all aspects of the skin’s youthfulness.
• Renew 3R: Innovative peptide involved in cell repair and renewal.
Day after day, the skin’s cells are rejuvenated.
• Regenyl C: Natural active ingredient enabling the skin to protect and regenerate itself.
• Detox One: prevents signs of ageing and promotes the skin’s rejuvenation.
All aspects of the skin’s youthfulness are visibly stimulated: hydration, tone, elasticity and transparency.

Made in France

Directions for use

Apply to the whole face in the morning after cleansing.


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Soon online

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