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Dark Spot Correcting Serum

Patyka-Soins anti-âge spécifiques


Manufacturer’s Presentation

A proven efficacy
79% have a reduction of dark spots*
80% have an even and homogeneous complexion**
*Independent clinical test, 20 women, 56 days.
**28 days

The dark spot correcting serum is the perfect ally of skins that require a targeted action on dark spots.
Thanks to its strong natural brightening ingredients, this specific skincare acts with precision to progressively reduce the appearance of dark spots and restore skin’s radiance.

Fades dark spots and prevents their appearance
Sea fern

Brightens & refines skin texture
Goji berries
Natural complex with 5 fruit acids (AHA)
Raspberry cellular water

Moisturises & softens
High weight hyaluronic acid
Intermediary weight hyaluronic acid

Dark spots fade away.
The complexion is more even, homogeneous and luminous.

Skin ageing, sun exposure, blemishes and hormonal variations can trigger dark spots.
The skin requires a targeted correction to recover a radiant and even complexion.

Patyka’s advanced research developed the dark spot correcting serum to effectively fight against the appearance of dark spots.
Thanks to its concentration in powerful natural brightening ingredients, it prevents and diminishes the appearance of dark spots.
Day after day, the size and intensity of dark spots are visibly reduced, the complexion becomes more even and recovers its glow.

Fades dark spots and prevents their appearance
Oxyresveratrol: commonly used in oriental medicine, it reduces the surface and the intensity of the spots by limiting the production of melanin at the origin of their appearance.
Test: dark spot pigmentation is reduced by 25% after 4 weeks of treatment*
*In vivo test conducted on 16 volunteers during 4 weeks.

Sea fern: brown seaweed coming from the european atlantic coast known for its brightening virtues.
It reduces significantly the appearance of dark spots, prevents their appearance and brightens the complexion.
Test: reduction of 29% of the surface of dark spots*
*Clinical test conducted on 15 volunteers.
2 applications a day during 12 weeks.

Dark spots visibly fade away and the risk of appearance of new spots is reduced.
The face recovers a sublimated and uniform complexion.

Brightens & refines skin texture
Goji berries: exceptional antioxidants known for their energizing and protective virtues.
Very rich in amino acids, minerals, nutriments and Vitamin C, they boost cell renewal and help the epidermis to eliminate toxins, allowing dull skins to recover their radiance.
Natural complex with 5 fruit acids (AHA): commonly known as AHA, it stimulates the cell’s renewal process and invigorates the skin.
It smoothens and refines the skin texture while restoring the skin’s brightness.
Raspberry cellular water: rich in vitamins and minerals, it restores the epidermis’ essential functions and revitalises dull and tired skins.

The skin is more radiant and luminous.
The skin texture is smoother.

Moisturises & softens
High molecular weight hyaluronic acid: creates a non-occlusive lifting film on the skin surface and retains water into the cells for an optimal moisturising action.
Intermediary molecular weight hyaluronic acid: smoothes and plumps up the skin.

Intensely moisturised, the skin is softer and smoother.

Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife
• 99.7% of the total ingredients are of natural origin
• 51% of the total ingredients are from organic farming
100% Vegan

Fragrance comes exclusively from pure plants without any chemical agent.
Formula 100% free from parabens, PEG, silicons, phthalates and artificial color.
Dermatologicaly controlled

Made in France
With love, with care

Directions for use

The Beauty of Gesture
Day and night, before my cream, I apply the dark spot correcting serum on my whole face, neck and neckline, insisting on dark spots.
After my day cream, I apply sunscreen for prevention.

To benefit from its anti-ageing skincare’s advanced technology, Patyka advises you the following specific gestures:
Step 1 :
Apply the dark spot correcting serum on the whole face, neck, and neckline.
Step 2 :
Smoothen up features using sliding motions, from the chin towards the eyebrows by following the bridge of the nose.
Step  3 :
Finish by massaging dark spots with slow circular motions.
Step 4 :
After the day cream, apply sunscreen for reinforced efficacy and protection.


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