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Youthful Firming Body Cream

Patyka-Rides et Fermeté


Manufacturer’s presentation

Reshaping & tonicity of slack skin

Over time, the skin becomes looser and dehydrated, it lacks elasticity and firmness.
Confronted with daily aggressions such as pollution, urban lifestyle, sun exposure and hormonal fluctuations, the sensitive areas of the body get slack, more delicate and thinner.

Patyka’s Advanced Research has perfected a unique complex of firming and remodeling ingredients that operates on all visible signs of ageing and skin slackening.
The Youthful Firming Body Cream is an anti-ageing prowess that targets the body’s areas affected by slackening for a toning and firming action on the arms inner parts, chest, stomach and thighs.

Specifically formulated to correct the loss of firmness and tonicity of the body’s loosen parts, the youthful Firming Body Cream is an anti-ageing prowess.

Firms up & smoothes
Biolift Complex: firming and lifting ingredient, this complex is concentrated in Polysaccharides, Amino Acids and Acacia Gum and acts on 3 levels to strenghten the skin tissues’ tonicity:
• Firming and anti-slackening action:
smoothes and tightens the skin’s network and reduces the degradation of collagen fibers by 94%*
• Antioxidant action: reduces by 85% the factors responsible for oxidative stress, which accelerates the skin’s ageing process*
• Tightening action: tightening effect felt by 96% of people**
*In vitro test.
**Sensorial test realized on a panel of 12 volunteers.
Results: smoother and remodeled, the skin looks firmer and more tonic.

Plumps up & moisturies
High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: creates a non-occlusive lifting film on the skin’s surface and retains water into cells for optimal smoothing and filling actions.
Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: kickstarts the natural collagen production in order to fill up wrinkles and fight against the signs of ageing.
Results: moisturised and replumped, the skin looks firmer.

Tones & prevents skin slackening
Natural Vitamin E: an excellent anti-ageing ingredient, Vitamin E provides a strong anti-free radical action.
Acting as an anti-ageing shield, it is particularly effective on mature skins.
Helianthus Oil: highly concentrated in Essential Fatty Acids and Omega 9, this beauty oil strengthens the skin’s lipid barrier to maintain the skin’s elasticity, softness and tonicity and to preserve its hydration.
Results: toned and protected, the skin looks firmer and smoother.

The skin looks firmer and smoother.
It regains its youth shape and tonicity.
Visible signs of ageing fade away to reveal a more tonic body.

Ecological and organic cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife
• 99.5% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.
• 51,1% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

Fragrance comes exclusively from pure plants without any chemical agent.
Formula 100% free from parabens, PEG, silicons, phthalates and artificial color.
Tested under dermatological control.

100% Vegan

Made in France

Directions for use

The Beauty of Gesture
Every day, I apply the Youthful Firming Body Cream on my body insisting on the arms’ inner parts, chest, stomach and thighs.
To be most effective, I apply the formula by massaging loosen parts with straightening motions.

To benefit from its anti-ageing skincare’s advanced technology, Patika advises you the following specific gestures:

Step 1: For an immediate stretching effect, massage your stomach with circular clockwise motions.
Then, carry on with tightening smoothing massages from the chest to the neckline.

Step 2: Perform circular smoothing motions on the whole arm by going up from the wrist to the shoulder.
Repeat this motion several times before moving to the other arm.

Step 3: Roll your closed fist for smoothing action on the inner part of the arms, from the elbow to the armpit.
Repeat this tightening motion several times.
Perform the same gesture on the inner part of the thighs, from the knee to the groin.


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