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Global Anti-Ageing Serum



Manufacturer’s Presentation

Wrinkles, firmness, dark spots, dehydration
Regenerating, redensifying, unifying
All skin types
Active ingredients synergy:
Geranium, princess care, artichoke leaf-biobenefity, sea buckthorn oil, tamarind seeds, nard from the himalayas

1st cosmetics inspired by ayuverda
With natural water from the Himalayas

The Taaj expertise:
Knowledge and know-how of plants blends and synergies, known in ayuverda as Sanyoga (links mechanism), for increased efficiency.
This principle, also judiciously called between them. Thus, synergy from Sanyoga potentiates the actions of each of the 5 active ingredients for optimal product efficiency.

Sanyoga, the beauty equation
1. Fundamental action
Geranium-princess care
Target a skin problem (wrinkles, elasticity, stains, dryness…)

2. Reinforcement actions
Artichoke leaves-biobenefity
Strengthen and consolidate the fundamental action

3. Conveyor action
Sea buckthorn oil
Provides the energy needed by skin cells to promote assimilation

4. Assimilation action
Tamarind seeds
Facilitates the absorption of the active ingredient by the cells for optimal cutaneous tolerance

5. Balancing action
Nard of the Himalayas
Harmony Sanyoga synergy in the long run.
Avoids the effects of resistance

Ayurveda, “science of life” in Sanskrit, is a 5000 year-old Indian practice known by the WHO as traditional medicine.
More than a science, it’s a philosophy of life focusing on the balance between body, soul and mind.
From this ancestral know-how is born TAA), a unique line of cosmetics. With their galenic and addictive fragrances, TAAJ cares are carefully adapted to the highest international standards so that you find the products that meet your needs.

Discover your ayurvedic profile
Visit us on www.taaj.com and fill in the ayurvedic prescription.
You will find out which Dosha you are (ayurvedic condition) and discover our recommendations for skincare, food and physical training.

Product efficacy:
The global anti-ageing serum provides an overall age-control action: wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, dark spots, uneven complexion, dehydration.
With regenerating, restructuring, brightening and antioxidant properties, the synergy of active ingredients helps to correct all visible signs of ageing.
Day after day, the appearance of wrinkles is reduced, skin is firmer and plumper, complexion is even.
Smooth and velvety, the skin is radiant.

Paraben free, phenoxyethanol free, mineral oil free, alcohol free
Dermatologically tested in France

Doshas: Vata, pitta, kapha

Developped in France, Made in India

Directions for use

Apply morning and/or evening on the face and décolleté previously cleaned.


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Soon online

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